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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

putting himself to bed and other updates

Well, I got the job at the hospital that i mentioned forever ago. I was offered the on-call phelbotomy position. ;) Which means i will be very very part time. Actually i am not sure at all what kind of hours i will work, i will find out Monday. I go for orientation monday and during my lunch break, someone from the lab will come talk to me about my schedule. They dont offer insurance to on-call employees, but i will have first dibs on part-time positions as they become available and they do offer insurance to them, so thats cool. Today i went in to fill out paperwork and get a TB test, a hepatitis test, a physical and a vision test. I havent had a vision test in ten years, but my vision is still good, so thats a plus.

I had class tonite: Interviewing and counseling. I really enjoy this class. it is so unstructured, but the teacher does cover the things he says he will, just in an unconventional way. It is very refreshing to be in a class that isnt just some professor standing at the podium reading the powerpoint presentation to us (and the presentation is almost always straight from the book)...we do stuff in class together and talk and he is really goofy. Plus it is a small class (like 15 or so people)...Very fun.

Tonight when i got home from school (around 9), Logan was already asleep. He didnt take a nap today, so i figured he would go to bed easily. Well, apparently, he put himself to bed. Auntie Kathleen and grandma went up to his room so he could change for bed and he wanted to play, so they left him in his room. A little later (around 845) he called for someone and Auntie kathleen went to see what he want and he handed her a book and crawled into bed. So she read him a story and then he started playing again, so she left. When she went to check on him at 9, he had tucked himself into bed under the covers and was fast asleep. (in the typical guy position: on his back, with his arms behind his head)...

I just came in from checking on him. he looks so peaceful and sweet sleeping there. I could sit and watch him sleep for hours, but i know i would just end up bugging him, because i want to touch him. To stroke his hair, or the side of his face, or kiss his forehead. The days i am away from him i miss him. Especially days like today when he is being so damn cute and pleasant and cuddly. At one point today i had both Logan and devin each climbing a leg trying to get me to pick them up. at the same time. I tried kneeling down so i could sit with them both, but thats not what they wanted. Bummer for them...i am not big enough to hold both of them at once. ;)

Well, no class tomorrow morning, but Logan will surely wake up early, so i am off to bed.

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