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Saturday, September 09, 2006

panting sunflowers

A few weeks back, Logan and grandma planted some sunflowers:

And now, we have sunflowers!!

Arent they beautiful? The ones we planted in the pots with miracle gro soil are these ones and they look great. The other ones, we planted in the ground on the other side of the stairs, and they are not much to look at. Only a few inches tall and no flowers. I dont know if its the soil, or if those ones are duds. Oh well. We have pretty flowers...

Well, i am getting pretty nervous...Monday i start at the hospital. I am nervous whether i will be good at it, whether I will be able to pull off both jobs and school, whether i can actually get up that early...and excited to try.

I had planned to bitch about work tonite on here, but after fiddling with the pictures and looking at some other ones of the kids, i have cheered myself up and could care less about those girls at work who i was so irritated with earlier. No worries. So i will just leave it with the flowers and my anxieties over the new job. I have all day tomorrow off with Logan, so i am going to try my best to wear us both out so we can go to bed nice and early. have a good rest of the weekend!

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