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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Carnival time & other stuffs

Its Carnival time again over at the blogging chicks! Go check it out..its a shorter carnival this week than most, but still worth going and seeing.

In other news...

Joe, Logan and I all went out to dinner tonight and had a fabulous time. We went to Roadhouse and pigged out. Logan was so well behaved, and he actually ate most of his dinner. Joe and I got an appetizer, i got Prime Rib and he got a Roadie, and then we both had desserts. I had their huge chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and dark choc cake and choc syrup and mmmmm, it was awesome. I gave Logan a small bite and the next thing i know, he is sitting in my lap wrestling the spoon away from me and then he went to town on the cake too. It was great. After we got home and daddy went home, Auntie Kathleen and devin came by on their way back into town and they had a good time playing together. Logan definitely needed someone more on his energy level to burn off that cake with! And devin was just the man for the job. Now, devin and auntie have gone home and Logan is in bed and i am praying it will be an easy night. We'll see. This week hasnt gone anywhere near as smoothly as last week did.

Last week, logan went to bed around 9 and was sleeping within 20 minutes or so. (and no naps during the day). This week, logan took a few short naps (like passed out in his chair for a half hour in the middle of playing, or fell asleep in Devins swing out side...) and at bedtime, took alot longer to fall asleep and needed me to go in there a few times. It started last Sunday nite when he came home from Joe's. Of course, that night I really wanted to get to bed early since i had to get up at 3am so i could work at 4. And of course, logan didnt fall asleep until after 11 that night. Well, that night was the latest and the worst, but the rest of the week wasnt much better. So Joe thinks it might be the transition from his house to our house. At his daddy's, they share a bed. (because logan crawls out of his and into Joe's. no matter how many times joe moves him back, at some point in the night, logan ends up back in bed with him)...So this week, joe spent his time with Logan at our house. He even spent the night Friday night. (we thought he was going to have to babysit Devin this morning while Kathleen and I were at class, but they tried out a new sitter today instead) and Joe hung out with Logan here. Then i called out of work tonight at the restaurant and the 3 of us hung out together. So we will see if this coming week is any different. If it is, then we can probably assume that it is the bed thing. Transitioning back and forth is probably hard on him and sometimes he just handles it better i guess. I am hoping that given some more time, it will work itself out. We'll see i guess.

in case i havent said it recently-I absolutely love my new job. It is going great. I am actually excited to go to work. That hasnt happened in a long time. My parents tease me that i feel like that because now i have a "real" job. One where not everyone is considered a dime a dozen. and they are probably right. The main reason i havent left my old job is because it is my security. I know that job will always be there, i know i am one of the best employees there, and i have alot of senority, plus i can make the money i need to and change my schedule on a whim. THe new job isnt like that. I havent been the new person in years. I have only ever had one other job where i had no clue what i was doing and actually had to be taught everything from the ground up. Its definitely an experience. but i am enjoying it.

Well, school work is calling my name, and after that...bedtime. I am very tired. i am still adjusting to these early-ass shifts. So have a good rest of the weekend.

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