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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

1st day!

So today was my first day at the hospital. It was cool. I didnt have to stick anyone today, but i will soon. After working in the restaurant business for so long, it is nice to work in such a completely different environment. I think the newness alone is worth it. ;) So i didnt do much besides follow my sister around today and watch her stick a bunch of people. It was very busy and all morning we visited people with crappy viens. On friday, i work with her friend on the floors and then go train with the trainer and watch some videos and i dont know what else. Everyone is so nice. And its funny, when i am with anna, the questions are always the same. In this order: "are you sisters?" .yes. "Twins?!?" .nope. "Anna- are you actually taller than someone?" .yep- by one inch (btw i am only 4'10.5") "who's older?" . i am. Every time, buy everyone! It was cute at first, but did get old after a while. But they mean well. There is so much to learn, i am still pretty nervous about it all.

There was one thing i didnt think about too much until today. With this new job, my old job and school, i see Logan alot less. And my mom & sister are babysitting alot more. Then you add in the days that logan goes to his dad's and my time with him has dropped drastically. I dont know how some people are able to work 8 hour days every day and not get to see their kids. I dont hold it against them that they do it, so dont go misunderstanding me, but i miss him! and then i feel guilty for not being around. Maybe its just cuz i have been around ALL the time for a little more than 2 years and its just new. He seems fine. Of course, he has grandma and Auntie and devin to play with, so he's happy.

Oh- and this is the 4th day of going to bed like a good boy and falling asleep with in a 1/2 hour. Its also the 4th day of no more naps. Well, he wasnt really taking them for a little while, but we were still putting him in his room for "nap time". UNtil 4 days ago. We decided to skip the fight and just forego nap time all together and see how cranky he got. Well, he didnt get cranky at all. He does chill out big time sometime between 430-6. He will play very quietly and mild, or sit down with a book &/or movie and just veg. And then he's back to normal playing and roughhousing and in bed by 9, asleep by 930. Its pretty neat. I miss nap time. Hopefully the "no nap" thing is just a phase and naptime will make an appearance again, because i certainly feel like i need one in the afternoons.

Especially if i work first shift at the hospital, like i am this week. 5am-130pm. I woke up at 3:52am today. 8 whole minutes before both my alarms went off. 10 minutes before my sister called to wake me up and my dad came down the hall to make sure i was up. (can you tell by this that i am not normally a morning person?)...I got to work on time and that was a huge relief for me. i was so worried i wouldnt be able to do it. And then i was worried i would be grouchy, b/c usually i am for the 1st half hour i am up. But the beautiful thing about getting up at 4 is that no one else is up. So there is no one to egg on the grouchiness, so i just do my thing and by the time i am at work, i am all the way awake and in a good mood.

So my next day at work is Friday morning and then i work next week mon, wed, fri. (i should be training all 5 days, but i have school tue/thur and they dont train on the weekends, all tho they may make an exception for me if my sister wants to take me on)...SO that said, i am very tired. I should have gone to bed at least an hour ago, but a friend called and i had to talk to him, since it had been a while since we last spoke. Good convo, but I will be tired in the A.M...


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