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Saturday, August 26, 2006


You know how normally you can pick up some sort of vibes from people to tell how a conversation is going? well, during my interview today, i wasnt able to pick up any vibes at all. I was interviewed my my sister's boss and 2 other men. One man didnt say much at all, my sister's boss was friendly but the other man- i just couldnt read him at all. i have no idea how he felt about the interview. i think i personally did well. i think that if they dont hire me it will be for one of 2 reasons (if not both): 1- my lack of formal training. or 2- my availablity to work (or lack thereof). Other than that, i think my chances are good. Anna will be feeling it out for me over the next couple of days. there are 4 positions open and quite a few applicants, so it will be a little while until they get thru everyone. So until I hear back, we will just have to keep our fingers crossed.

i really really need to get to bed. i have class tomorrow at 9 an hour away from here. joy. So...good nite.

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