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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I think i am beginning to understand the meaning of the "terrible two's". Even though we have barely entered them, my son is definitely showing his ass a bit more lately. Nap time is almost a war some days, and on the other days, he is as good as ever about it. The last three times i have taken him to the store, we have had to go wait in the car and let whoever i was with finish checking out alone. Normally i can take him to the store and he's great. Now, he wants to push the cart, which he has trouble reaching and he gets easily distracted and wants to pick up everything, which i wont let him - which makes him very mad. Its quite frustrating.

The thing about nap time that bothers me the most is not that he wont sleep. Thats fine, he can use the quiet play time if thats what he prefers. Its climbing his dresser that drives me nuts. I dont want him to get hurt. I dont have any idea how to stop him from doing it tho. I have tried time out, yelling at him, speaking firmly and even a swat on the (diapered) butt. Nothing works. As soon as i am gone, he goes right back over and opens the drawers and climbs to the top. I have taken everything but his lamp off the dresser, so there isnt as much to draw his attention there...Any suggestions for keeping him off the dresser? arghh...

Oh and when he's not climbing his dresser, he is standing on the edge of his toy box (i took the lid off permanently a while back b/c he was using it to climb things). He pushes it to the window, stands on the edge and bangs on the screen. At the moment right now, he is sitting inside the box throwing all the toys out of it. But before that he was standing on it.

I know he is wound up and normally i take him outside to burn off some steam. I have taken him outside twice today and had to come in early both times because the mosquitos are brutal. Even in the middle of the day, out in the sun, in the middle of the road. they just swarm you. its crazy. my dad has fogged the yard twice in the last 2 weeks, but the news says this is a particularly bad mosquito season. Especially in the county i live in. It's an "exlposion" of mosquitos, as they put it. which sucks. we cant play in the yard because of it. and the parks around here are just as bad. And i dont have time to pack everything up and spend a few hours at the beach everyday. So i dont know how to give him that outside time that he desperately wants. he needs it too, it helps him sleep better.

Anyway. I think that is enough venting about my kid. thanks for bearing with me. I am so tired myself right now, i just feel at a loss at the moment.

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