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Thursday, August 31, 2006

a TV mom & tummy aches

I am one of those horrible, icky parents who lets their kid watch tv. Well, videos really, or things i DVR for him. So i am controlling what he sees, and i dont generally let him watch crap. He also wont usually sit thru a whole 1/2 hour episode of anything. Unless he is either tired or a little under the weather. And we dont have the tv on all the time either. We will turn it on at some point in the 1st half of the day and then it goes off, and comes back on sometime in the evening. Now if we are babysitting Devin too (especially if we are by ourselves, like Just Me or just my mom with both kids) then the tv stays on. Most of the time, they are too busy with each other to watch it, but sometimes, its the perfect distraction while we go pee.

Anyway, i bring this up b/c the last 3 days i have noticed Logan watching more tv than usual. 3 days ago, he kept pulling me over to the tv and asking for it to be on.(well, sort of demanding actually.) And sometimes when i said no, he would climb up and try to make it work himself. So if i couldnt distract him with something else, i let him. And he parked it there for the longest time. He was just rather quiet that day, preferring to veg out, so i let him. We still played outside a couple times (this kid could be dieing but if you say "Outside" he will come running!)...I didnt think much of it until this continued for a couple days. We are on the 3rd or 4th day and he is still sort of out of it.

But what i did find out, was on the 1st day Logan pooped 3 times. (My son usually only goes maybe once a day, more likely once every 2 days.) Then the next day he went twice. And yesterday, i think he only went once, but OMFG, it was a huge, stinky, yucky mess. So there's that...and he's been noticeably gassy today and yesterday.

****TMI Alert:***
TMI about to occur in the next paragraph.

(and no i do not consider my kid's poop to be TMI. My poop is tho.)

Add to that: My mom and I have had "tummy problems" of our own for a few days. Me for about 3, her for 2. My stomach hurts, then it does that thing where you sort of feel Nauseous but at the same time like you will have to "go" soon...yuck... And i have had to "go" for the last few days... But not all the time, and its not like diarrhea or constipation, just more often than one would like. So this all leads me to believe that we have come down with some sort of stomach bug or virus or something ucky. So i have let logan watch a lot of TV while i lie on the couch and watch it with him. Or Gram watches it with him (like in this pic. arent they cute?) . Or he watches it while we are in the potty. Either way- the kid has watched alot of tv this week.

It also means meals have been skimpy. Which really doesnt affect Logan too much, because he just refuses everything we make anyway, but I make it a habit to at least offer him what we have and have a set meal time, but that just hasnt happened these last few days.

Hopefully things get back to normal soon. It will suck having to work this weekend having this problem. ;(
Just so you know, TV wasnt all we did. We still went outside (except yesterday while Ernesto rained and rained and rained) but we ran around the house a lot. I know i was out of breath a least a few times yesterday, and Logan has been cruising around on his fire truck quite a bit too. anyway, i feel better now.

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