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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

sweet little boy

i want to know where my sweet little boy has gone. he has been replaced by a two year old. dont get me wrong- the sweet little boy is still there, just not all the time anymore. the sweetness is interrupted now by fits and tantrums and general terrible two's behavior. somedays are worse than others too. especially the days that i wake up on the wrong side of the bed after too little sleep.

he wants to play outside constantly. which is good and i dont mind, but sometimes we just have to come in. like when it starts to rain or the bugs start bothering us. (well, he doesnt care that he gets eaten alive by bugs, but i do!) sometimes the bugs are only in certain parts of the yard. like the deer flies- they generally hang near the front porch. and they are vicious little bastards- they take a chunk out of you when they attack. So i will try to get logan to play in another part of the yard. sometimes he goes willingly, but many times he has a complete meltdown instead. and god help me if i decide the bugs are bad enough to warrant going back in the house. i have had to carry him in flailing and screaming many a times.

and he is so stubbornly determined now to do the things he wants. the way he wants, when he wants. like feed the fish. he will push the chair over to the tank, we will get the fish food for him and he will feed them. (and then try to touch them or grab them too) and then its time to leave the fish alone. many times this results in a fight. and then he wants to do it again 5 minutes later. sorry bud- cant feed the fish too much. and then the tantrum starts. its just awesome, lemme tell you.

even tho i love the little guy more than anything, he certainly pushes me to my mental limits sometimes. He used to go to sleep so wonderfully. and now it is an ordeal every nap time and every night for bed. i havent changed his routine, and i try to wear his butt out during the day, but still sleep time has become difficult. all of a sudden he wants me to lie down with him. i have never done that with him, and the only thing i can think of is that now he and joe share a small room and many times logan ends up in joes bed with him instead of staying in his own small bed. so i dont know what to do about that either. and he has also begun trying to climb the gate in his doorway. his room is upstairs (with all of ours) and altho he can pretty much handle the stairs, he wants to play on them too much to be trusted without a gate. not sure what to do about that either.

well, this is a long enough post about all this.

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