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Thursday, August 03, 2006

some old doodlings

As i was going thru some of my stuff, i came across some of my old artwork from my drawing classes. i think they are from 01-02. I was a graphic design major when i first went back to community college. After i had my son, i was out for a year and when i returned the whole program had been reworked and instead of needing 3-4 classes to get my AS, i needed 10. So i scrapped that plan and got my AA (only needed 1-2 classes for that and then continued onto UCF and thats why ART is one of my areas of study for my Liberal Arts degree. Now you know.) Anyway, i took pictures of my drawings so i could have them should i ever feel nostalgic. So i am going to share a few with you. Feel free to give me your opinions, but dont be harsh. I know i am not an artist. These were required classes for me and i dont think i was that good at all. But i sorta like these.

this is a copy of another painting.
I cant remember what or by who, but it came out alright.

This is a still life i did.
The cloth was the hardest.
I never was very good at it actually.

So there ya go.

Oh and logan is still awake and it is 11 pm. What is up with that? I cant believe the child is not sleeping yet. I am tired and want to go to bed but he wont...argh.

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