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Saturday, August 19, 2006


I went to a friend's Bridal shower today. I had a great time too. Why is it tho, that as a mom, i feel sort of guilty for being glad Logan went to his dad's and i had a great time without him? I miss him alot today...I mean, i get him back tomorrow evening as soon as i get home from work, so its not like he's been gone long. I had last night off too, and sat home and did nothing. it was great. very quiet. Just a thought...

So are you all going and visiting my mom & my sister's blogs?? Make sure you do. they seem to enjoy the results so far, and i am hoping that by getting some traffic, they will be encouraged to keep it up.

Well, no blogging chicks carnival this sunday, but feel free to check them out- i finally figured out how to put the blogroll into a scrollbar-window thing, so its a little less cluttered on my side bar there. I also alphebetized my link list and added a few more. I read more blogs than i list, and eventually i will add them all to the list. Anyway, it's time for bed now, nite!

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