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Thursday, August 24, 2006

logan's speech eval

we had logan's speech evaluation today and he did not qualify for the services. which is good because that means he scored high enough on everything! he scored really high on all his motor skills and his cogitive skills. he even did a few things that surprised me. apparently gramma and him practice "big" and "small" thru-out the day, and he was able to pick out the big circle or the small square each time he was asked. and he was able to match colored squares to their matching colors once he was shown what was wanted of him a few times. i knew he already sorted things according to color, but i wasnt sure he would follow her, but he did. he behaved excellently and did well for most of the tasks. we couldnt get him to talk at all or point out any body parts. or test his hearing. so...even tho he doesnt qualify for their services, they did recommend a hearing test so we can be positive there are no problems. he seemed to notice everytime they rang a bell or made some noise on his right side, but when they switched to his left side, he either was over it and ignored them or didnt hear it. i think he ignored them. he is "hyperfocused" and has a tendency to just block out things and totally ignore them when he is busy doing something else. which they said is good for his cognitive abilites, but can make it difficult to evaluate. so anyway, things went well, he's fine.

oh and my sister called to let me know her boss should be calling me to set up an interview today. yae. thats a step in the right direction. this is still scary to me. learning a new skill in a completely different profession...and working at 4 am possibly...eww. but those are the only hours i can really work. my schedule for school is all over the place and when else would i have free- inhome daycare. (which will be my mom. they will all be sleeping still, so it works out for me) well, hopefully this lady calls soon and i can get all nervous over that.
i will post more later if anything comes up.

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