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Sunday, August 20, 2006

living at home is such a drag

i hate living at home. dont get me wrong, i appreciate the greatness of my parents for letting me and being able to help and being willing to help. but that doesnt make me hate it any less. it is very much not Mine. i have things i have to do as a condition of staying here. like cleaning my room & my bathroom. which i would do anyway, but they have to be done a certain way by a certain day or i am in trouble. Makes me feel 17 again. And my dad and I? it is a well established, and tested, fact that we get along waaaaay better when i dont live here. As in, after enough time living here, we wont be getting along at all, on any day. Now its just every other weekend or so, but it will get worse and i hate it. I also hate that because i have chosen school- that leaves me with little work opportunities (unless the job at the hospital comes thru), so i am broke- so i have to live here. i cant afford anywhere else. And if that job at the hospital comes thru, then i am stuck here too. B/c I would be going into work at 4 am. Where else, but here, am i going to have someone to watch logan 4-8am? Right, no where. So altho, i really understand why it is awesome to have such loving, caring parents, it doesnt make me on the inside-in my head- hate it any less. I know my dad will never understand this concept. hopefully he wont read this , b/c it wont help.

it is worth it, right? To get my degree and all that? Even tho i have no idea what my liberal studies degree will do for me and i still need my masters after this to do what i want...its worth it in the end right? for me and for logan? because thats what i tell myself when i have a bad day like today. It's worth it for the end results. things will get better after....tell me i am right!

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