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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i want sleep

More specifically, i want Logan to go to Sleep. He is still awake and it is 1030. He has been in bed for an hour and a half now. Bed-time is more difficult these days than it has been in the past. In the past, there really werent any difficulties at all. Maybe it's just his age, or maybe he is still adjusting to spending most nights here and some at his dad's. I dont know. He has also started wanting me to lie down, or put my head on his pillow with him. He will forceably push my head down and wont remove his hand until i lie still. And if i move, his little hand pushes me right back down. So i usually comply for a minute and then try to move quicker than him. I dont comply every time, and i really think i shouldnt at all, but i am just not sure what to do. If i ignore him when he comes to his doorway, he tries to climb his gate. And his bedroom is right at the top of the stairs, and he doesnt control himself too well on the stairs for me to trust he wont fall, so i go to the doorway.

Well, this whole tropical-whatever-Ernesto has thrown off my days. We didnt do anything today, and that included me not going to school, since classes were cancelled. And of course, it was the one class i really was looking forward to. Tomorrow i have one class in the morning and since my evening class only meets every other week, i am off. So Joe and I were thinking about taking logan to the park (if it's nice out). So that could be fun. we will see.

I already dont like my spanish class. one- my teacher doesnt always seem to know what she is talking about, and two- the online version of the workbook she has us using is retarded. And it cost me $50. I tried buying the one at school (which was actually cheaper) that comes as a combo book/online book, but they were sold out and i had homework due. So i paid the damn money. One nice thing is that my sister, Kathleen, is in my class, so we can work on our homework together. And we have each other to practice our vocabulary on. So thats good.

Well, i have absolutely nothing interesting to write about. Sorry. Ernesto turned out to be nothing more than a rain event (it rained all day, and is still raining) but no winds or power outages. Yae. So, i am going to go read a few chapters in my Juvenile Deliquency book and go to bed. (super exciting, huh?) I will try to post something more interesting tomorrow.

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