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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

here's something interesting

My friend just called me. She lives on the street i used to before i moved back to my parents. Turns out that 2 doors down from my old place, the couple living there had a domestic dispute. she came home to find practically every cop in our town on our road. Apparently the dude in the household stabbed the woman. And then when the cops got there, he wouldnt drop the knife and came at the cops and they shot and killed him. Drama in the old hood! jeez..i am glad i am not living there right now. My friend called my from her cell phone, she said the cops and detectives are still everywhere and asking people questions. She actually got her info first from the channel 9 newslady and then asked a cop if it was safe and he confirmed the story. As soon as i turned on the news, the story came on. my friend's son actually heard the gunshot too. Scary shit. People are crazy, i tell you! So, there. I gave you something interesting.

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