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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

good day

today was a good day. logan, joe and i went to the beach today for a couple of hours. we had a great time too. nothing real exciting. the water was the perfect temp and it was really clear and an awesome shade of blue-green. logan, of course, wouldnt go near it at all. i got him sort of close by showing him some shells, but that was as good as it got. he played in the sand and had a grand time. after we got home, i went outside with him twice. the second time, we played with the hose (as usual) and he had lots of fun watering everything. all the plants, the tree, the flag, my car and eventually i got the hose back and started spraying him. he ran all over the driveway away from the water. when he got the hose back, he would change directions so fast that i would have to duck and run to avoid getting wet, which he found hysterical. as time went on, he began to realize the point of the game. and he got good at it, eventually spraying me head on and soaking me. by the time we came in, we were both soaked.

after all the fun we had, logan passed out with in a half hour tonight at bedtime. it was so cool.

well, i took some sleepy meds tonite, since he is sleeping already. and they are kicking in! yea! so nitey nite.

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