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Friday, August 11, 2006

funny schedules

This week and next week Joe is working nights. 4-midnight to be exact. So that means i had to rework my schedule. This week, Joe had logan tue & thur during the day. So we all 3 went to the beach. and had a blast. Today (friday) he had logan during the day again, but i switched my shift at work and worked a day shift. And then tomorrow, joe takes logan in the morning and keeps him until sometime sunday morning. So that will be the 1st day i actually have "time-off". I will spend most of cleaning and finishing sorting thru boxes and then going to work sat nite. It felt weird to work during the day today. It has thrown me all off. i keep thinking its later in the weekend, b/c that is when i normally work the day shift. I have the same schedule next week. Again, its just throwing me off.

Tonight, my parents went out (like normal for friday nite, except i am usually not home to notice) and my sister and I took the boys to the park. Logan had so much fun. there was another 2 year old named micheal running around the toddler part and they played so well together. it was great. I talked to his mom for a while and she was nice too. It made me wish i had more friends with kids to do this sort of thing with. Or maybe that the friends i do have with kids would do this sort of thing. but they dont. i dont know what it is they do with their kids... oh well. Logan got all tuckered out and ended up pretty cranky. He woke up at 630 this morning. And only took a 1/2 hour nap today. so bedtime came around 830 and he was asleep around 9. hopefully he wont wake up so early tomorrow, and i will go to bed soon and then we can both be well rested in the A.M. we'll see, i suppose.

well, not much thats too interesting going on here, so i will go now. Have a good weekend.

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