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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

doodling around

so i recently loaded adobe photoshop onto this computer. it has been a while since i played around in photoshop, but i decided to play around with some pictures i took the other day. once i started playing around, i started to remember some things, but i was amazed what a little more than a year away will make you forget. when i first decided to go back and get my associates, it was going to be in graphic design. so i took a few photoshop classes. (you could probably get a whole degree in just photoshop- this program is so indepth, its unreal) but anyway, i thought i would share some of my first feeble attempts. nothing spectacular, but whatever. lemme know what you think.

here is the original.
a flower of my mom's in the front of the house.

here is try number 1.
i used the paintbrushes and painted the flower.
i havent finished this one, i intend to
do the leaves as well one of these days.

here is try number 2.
i added a blur and did some fiddling with the hues
and then added a lighting effect.

so thats all. just thought i would put this out there for some reason. enjoy.

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