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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blogging Chicks Carnival #9

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I was too lazy to write an entry this time. Again. But that doesnt mean you cant go check it out.


So Logan spent the weekend at Joe's new place. (joe is renting a room from a friend of his about 20 minutes south of here). He has logan's bed (converted crib) in the room with his own bed, plus a dresser and the computer desk. Keeping Logan in his bed was a nightmare apparently and in the end Logan ended up falling asleep in Joe's bed with him. After he had been sleeping for some time, joe moved him to his bed and then went to sleep as well. when Joe awoke in the morning, he found Logan sleeping right next to him. (how cute). He's not sure how to keep Logan in his own bed all night. And i am worried what this will do to our own routine here. I am guessing things will probably be a little messed up for a little bit, but eventually go back to normal. I hope so at least. Messed up bedtime routines are not fun. Well, i still have to shower, i am stinky from work and i have to work in the AM, so Good nite!!!

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