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Thursday, August 03, 2006


So, how is it possible to dislike someone whom you love so dearly and would happily give up yourl ife for?? Really? My son is driving me batty. I tried, once again, to take him to the grocery store. JUst me & him. We have no milk in this house. And almost no juice and 1 slice of bread. Needless to say, its time to do some shopping. He walked pleasantly enough all the way to the entrance of the store and then refused to go any further. he just sat down in the way. I picked him up to put him in the cart and he freaked out. I mean totally freaked. i tried to put him in the back of the cart, and then i tried one of those cool carts with the cars on them. Nope, not gonna go. So we left. Without milk or soda or juice or bread or anything. I was so pissed. I turned the radio way up the whole drive home and then when we got back, i put him in his room with the door shut and told him he could take his nap now since he didnt want to be nice. On the way into the house and then up the stairs he had 2 total meltdowns. I know that my giving him the silent treatment isnt fair, as he probably doesnt even know why i was irritated anymore, but i didnt know what else to do. I didnt want to say anything mean, so i didnt say anything at all. Right now, he is in there playing with his Learn Thru Music toy thing. As long as he's quiet i dont care what he does. I called my parents when i left the store to let them know i wasnt buying anything and my dad was all like "when you get back we will watch logan and you can go back out..." i dont think so. i dont care if we run out of everything. i am not in the mood anymore to go shopping at all. If we still need everything when i get out of work, i will go then.

Sorry to vent to all of you like this, but i truly have no one else. (besides my parents and they already heard it all). Back to normal soon, promise.

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