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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

another good day

Logan napped again today. The last 2 weeks must have been some sort of fluke. or a result of the lack of outside play. we have had swarms of mosquitos lately that have been preventing us from really playing outside. But my dad has begun fogging the yard every couple of days and it has really helped. I have realized just how much energy my son has and it is WAY more than i have. But somehow i need to get him to use it all up.

Today, we played pretty good in the house and around 130 he went willingly upstairs for his nap. He didnt go to sleep right away, but he played quietly in his room for a while and never opened his door! And eventually went to sleep. I was shocked. i, of course, took a nap too. It was great! For dinner tonite, we went to auntie kathleen's and had homemade chicken strips and fried potatoes. Logan did not eat. Then we all went to the park: Logan, myself, Auntie Kathleen, uncle Aaron and cousin devin. We got there around 7 and didnt leave til it started to get dark around 8. Logan did not want to leave. He was having such a good time. The park has two playgrounds- a regular one and a toddler one. He was all over that toddler one. Devin was too, but with assistance. My kid pitched a fit when it was time to go, but when we got home, he was all excited to brush his teeth and take a bath. He ran up the stairs saying "teeeh" & "baaath"...It is nice he is starting to say things. So we had a bath and brushed our teeth and then we went to bed. He only opened his door once, and after that i heard him playing for a little while and around 945 i checked on him and he was out. Oh and i changed his bedtime to 9. From 8. i liked it at 8, but he just never seemed that tired. plus it is still daylight out and he just wouldnt fall asleep for like at least 2 hours. the new bedtime is working out pretty good.

Tomorrow, Joe, logan and I are going to the beach again. I cant wait. I think we are going to Cocoa beach this time instead of Playalinda. I want some variety in my beach going experiences. Maybe logan will test the water this time, who knows. i doubt it tho. And joe and i have decided that we will be taking him to the zoo one of these weekends soon.

Oh and i went to the rheumotologist today. again. and he finally admitted i have rheumatoid arthritis. He didnt want to say so last time because "i am so young"...But after ordering a more definitive blood test and it coming back positive, he had no choice. So he started me on another med - plaquenil. (its also used to treat and prevent malaria. so i needn't worry about malaria this summer. whoo-ee. Wierd tho isnt it?) its a milder drug than many that are out there, so it wont affect my liver or kidneys or things like that and it takes a long time to really get in your system and work. but it is supposed to slow down the damage the arthritis causes. So we will see... i start it tomorrow. i will tell you in a month or so if it is doing any good. in the meantime, i am supposed to not wait tables so much as it definitely will aggrivate the pain and stuff.

And on another note, Logan goes to the speech therapy people to be evaluated and see if he needs therapy in two weeks.

thats all. nitey nite.

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