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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Today was the longest day ever. Logan is normally extremely good whenever we take him out in public. Today, however, was not normal. It started when he threw an unexpected, but relatively mild tantrum outside of wal-greens before lunch. My mom and I just figured he was acting his age and saw no reason to change our plans of going to lunch with my sisters. Logan loves to go out to eat and we hadnt been in a while. So we go to our favorite place, Dogs R Us, and Logan is not too happy. He is controlable, so we order. By the time our food arrives, we realize we are going to have to eat quickly. i ate about 2 wings before we asked for boxes. While my mom & I waited to pay and box things up, my sister took logan to the car. When i got to the car, he was hysterrical. I have only seen my son this hysterical when he was sick 2 other times. I sat in the back seat with him and i noticed that the huge bug bite on his arm from yesterday now had a dark red line running thru it and my son was hot and freaking the hell out. Once we got him home, he only got worse. It was worse than the worst fit i had ever seen him throw. My mom even got freaked out. When i was younger and got stung by something and had a red line in it, our doctor told us to always go to the hospital if you see that b/c it means it could be a reaction or infection. So thats what we did. It took 3 hours for the doctor to finally decided he was fine, yes he had a reaction, but not anything to worry about and gave him some bendryl. Meanwhile, for most of that 3 hours, Logan was a wreck. Needless to say, once that benedryl kicked in, he was out for a long time. Maybe we were just nervous parents, and i know the doctor kept repeating, "Well he is 2..." but i know my son. He doesnt freak out like that for no reason. yes, he has tantrums, but even his worse ones look nothing like what i say today. It wore me out so bad. And then when we were done, it was POURING down buckets of rain. half the roads we took to get home were flooded. Unreal. We get logan to his daddy's & into bed and then ihave to leave so i can go home and get ready for work. I got soaked trying to get the carseat out and my window apparently doesnt seal all the way all the time anymore and my seat was soaked too. Then i went to work and it was crazy there too. It feels like the longest day ever. Sorry to ramble on like this, but GEEZ. I dont even know how i feel about the day yet, i havent had time to think and let it all sink in. I know i wish logan was here for me to check on. (i would be in there every 10 minutes or so, so its probably good he's not.) Anyway. i am going to bed now so i can be rested in the morning- we are moving furniture ! Yipee.

nitenite. thanks for putting up with all this venting.

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