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Friday, July 07, 2006


Not really much happening in my life lately. i know i used to blog practically every day, sometimes more than once a day, but lately i haven't had much to say. Life is still moving forward, but things are slow-going.

I am getting the rest of my crap from Joe's this weekend. Well, most of it. I am getting my dresser, my nightstands, my entertainment center and my TV. the stuff (i.e. boxes in the shed, and misc. household stuff) i will probably get sometime next week. It defintely feels more like I have actually moved when i have my stuff. I have my book shelves finally, so i can unpack all my boxes of books. i have a lot of books! They range from my old college books to stuff you actually read, like Anne Rice, Stephen King, ect.

As far as me & joe go: not much to report. We had a rough weekend, but we seem to be past that. We are still working on things, but not making a lot of actual progress. I really dont think we will see any of that until both of us are settled in our new places. Too much stress of moving and finding a place to live (for him) to really focus 100% on us.

In other news, logan is doing great. He loves his new big wheels his uncle josh got him for his birthday. Except he doesnt use the pedals yet. He just scoots it along with his feet. Its slow, but he will go all the way down the road if i let him. He's growing up so fast. its amazing. He got bit by something today that left a nasty welt on his arm. He scratches at it alot so i know it itches, i just dont know what got him. I didnt see anything on him and he never reacted to anything while we were outside. of course, when we are outside, he can bust his face wide open and keep going b/c he is just to excited to play outside. you would think he never gets to by how much he loves it. But we go out for at least a little bit every day. sometimes alot. I am so happy he loves it outside, i hope he stays that way when he's older. i just wish it wasnt so damn hot out, altho he doesnt seem to notice.

I go to the Rheumatologist next wed. YAE. the pain hasnt been so bad for about 2 weeks. Well, it wasnt until i worked as a server most of this weekend and now i am hurting pretty bad again. I am beginning to think that serving does aggrivate it and that sucks b/c i make CRAPOLA for money as a cashier/hostess. Really. I make 1/2 of my minimum income as a server (and that was assuming i would make at least $50 a shift-and i usually did way more so..)

Anywho. So thats all for now. Like i said, nothing really happening. Not really feeling the motivation to get much else down, much less write about not doing much. sorry. I will try and think of something to write about for the weekend. ;)

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