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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

this kid & a dirty little secret

This kid here? Too cute! He will hate me one day for this picture, i am sure, but I love it. He thought it was too funny. And he keeps trying to pick my nose too!! (not funny!)...

Anyway, this kid usually goes to sleep with minimal fuss, but the last week or so has been not as easy. I swear he is at his door every 5 minutes throwing something over the gate and down the stairs. He just wont stay in bed. Last night, it was as if his daddy had pumped sugar intravenously into him- he was absolutley WIRED! He would run halfway to his door, stop, do this weird stomping walk and then fall straight backwards with the loudest thud you've ever heard and giggle hysterically about it all. Unreal. Tonight was similar, except he fell asleep a little earlier. (with in the last 15 minutes or so - he went down @ 8!). What has gotten into him?!? beats me.

And now- the dirty little secret:
So i have actually been watching that show "America's Got Talent" (when not telling the kid to get back to bed). I am actually ashamed to admit this tho. I do NOT watch these type of shows, or any kind of reality shows or much tv at all really. but i watched this one. last week and this week. And some of those acts really are cool. my 2 favs are the Miller Brothers (the kid who plays the harmonica is awesome) and the 14-yr old Yoddler. She is fantastic. Really. and she taught herself from a book! Neato! Wish i could do that.

So thats all i am going to write about that. i just had to confess that dirty little secret to someone. Anyone else out there watch shows that they are ashamed to admit? I would love to know.

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