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Monday, July 17, 2006


This is Logan at 830 pm tonight. Around 9, i didnt know what to do with myself. He never passes out that quickly. Lord knows he was tired tho! Today he didnt nap. 2 days in a row he didnt. And last nite, remember, he was up til very late. I actually had to wake him up this morning so we could get to the doctors appt. on time. But i am sure he will wake up unbelievably early tomorrow. Fully rested & ready to go.

His doctor appointment today went great. Usually i am at the doctors office for at least 2 hours. waiting in various rooms. But today, we were called into the exam room within 5 minutes of entering the waiting room, and then the doctor came in like 2 minutes later! (unheard of there!). He is 37 inches tall (off the percentile charts) and weighs 27lbs 11oz (50%) . The only thing she was concerned with was his speech. Which there isnt much of. So she has referred us to a speech therapist to have him evaluated. His comprehension is good and he can communicate to us what it is he wants so we arent worried, just being thorough. And we are in the very 1st stages of potty training. (meaning we have a potty seat now in the bathroom and we both sit on the potty every morning and evening at least. and he pretends to wipe and everything with tp..its cute. i am letting him set the pace, so we will see how it all goes.)

Anyway. I think i am going to bed early tonite. Him not napping today meant I did not nap either. Even tho i made him stay in his room and just have some down time, i had to go in there every 5 minutes to tell him to stop climbing his dresser or turning the toybox over to climb something...Until i just laid down in his bed. And he proceeded to use me as his own personal jungle gym. So no naps all around. So i am tired and going to read a little (the 3rd book in the Ringworld series, btw) G'nite!!

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