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Sunday, July 16, 2006

ripping music

First of all...Go check out the Carnival of the Blogging Chicks!! It's all about Dreams this week.

I am spending some time ripping my own cd's tonite. I lose my cd's entirely too often so I have decided to copy the more important ones to my computer so I can just make a new copy if the one i already have goes AWOL. (it's not like i have the money to go replacing those things) I am using windows media player to do it, but this stupid Musicmatch Jukebox keeps trying to open to play the cd and then it freezes up and its such a pain. i already set my default music program to WMP and now i cant even open the musicmatch program to see if there is an option somewhere to not auto-play. I have never liked that program but it came already installed on my new computer. I will probably just uninstall it soon. I am always afraid to uninstall things that came with the computer on the off chance i may one day need it for something. I am a dork like that. I bet from that you can figure out that i may be something of a pack rat when it comes to actual things as well. Well you would be right, but i have gotten much better over the years and still trying to be better.

So..Logan didnt nap again today. (he didnt friday either and apparently only a short, late nap yesterday)...Which left him slightly cranky. I gave my friend a ride home a little after 7 and he fell asleep in the car almost as soon as we left. He slept thru the crying baby sitting next to him and everything. And as soon as i laid him on his bed, his eyes popped open and he's been ready to go ever since. I think he may have fallen asleep finally, but i havent checked again. i havent heard anything from his room in the last 20 minutes's hoping. And i guarantee that he will be up BY 8 tomorrow morning. yae. And here i am staying up late, ripping cds and going thru clothes at 1130 at night. And He has a doctor appointment at 9am tomorrow as well. i am sure i will be oh-so-ready to go. ;) (ya right!)

I actually hung out with a real-live friend today. can you believe it? And friday nite i went out for a beer with a girlfriend from work. Look at me having a semi-social life. i am sure it wont last, but hey..i take what i can get. Anyway, my real-live friend and I have been BFF's since we were 8. thats 18 years. Wow. well, we arent so much BFF's now-a-days, but we still call each other our best friends out of habit. we really dont see much of each other, and havent for the last couple of years. we just dont have a whole lot in common. even now that we are both parents. but we always get along and can really still count on each other (most of the time) and tell each other anything. Well, when i put it that way, i dont see why we are still BFFs. ;) Actually in our little goofy world, we were "BFFaeaeaeouwbd". Bet you'll never guess what that stands for! Anyway, it was nice to see her today and let the kids play together. I need to try to do this more often. its good to talk to people besides just family. who i see all the time. A nice fresh face every now & then is good.

Well, got to run. more cd's to rip and clothes to sort. NIte!

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