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Thursday, July 27, 2006


One of my all time favorite things to do is read. I love, love, love to read. And I read REALLY really fast. (with comprehension too!). Like abnormally fast. It's almost a curse. I can finish a novel in a day or two. It can be cool because i dont have to wait too many days in suspense wondering what the end will be like, but it's sort of a curse because as soon as i am done, i am depressed it is over. I have compared myself to a drug addict. When i have time (or sometimes when i really dont) I read and read and read. And when i am not reading, all i can think about is the next time i can read. I have read so many books. When i was younger i would read too fast to really retain what i just read for longer than a week.

Then i met my boyfriend and we liked many of the same genres and i began reading some of his books. He introduced me to fantasy (R.A. Salvatore, Niven, ect). And i would zoom thru the books. And later we would talk about them and i wouldnt remember the parts he would bring up, so i would have to re-read the entire book and we would talk about it while i was reading them. I learned how to retain what i had just read so quickly. It took my love of reading to an all time high. A while after that i read one of my all time favorite series of books: Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles and the Lasher trilogy. (whatever its really called). I was so excited about the books that my family all got together and bought me the last 4 or 5 for christmas. I had finished them by January 1st. (i told i read fast). I was excited for a day and then bummed for weeks. I will go months without reading anything and then suddenly get my hands on a series and go nuts.

Most recently, i decided to read the Harry Potter series. ( i am the last person i know to not have read them yet...) I have seen the 1st 3 movies and my mom owns all the books and i have been a little bored. I got thru the 1st 3 books in 2 days. (the movies followed almost exactly the books. Which is awesome, but made the reading go even faster) and then i read the 4th in 2 days. I am now a third of the way thru the 5th (and last?) book. I am sitting here now thinking about how much i want to start my night time reading. Unfortunately for me, i am not one of those people who reads to get sleepy. I just keep reading. I told you- its like a drug for me, i just cant stop.

Well, i know when school starts, being full time with 4 pretty hard classes, i wont have time to really read & enjoy a good book, book is beckoning me. My favorite high. It is time to go lose my self in fantasy. ;) nite!

(btw- the Harry Potter books are awesome. They are a pretty easy read but very entertaining and extremely well written. Its like they were written to become movies. I recommend them to anyone wondering whether they should read them or not. Of course, if you have seen the first 3 movies, reading the books wont give you any new info, so you could skip them if you wanted to.)

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