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Saturday, July 08, 2006

quitting my job

So i am thinking about getting a new job. But i have to admit - I am actually scared by the idea of leaving my current restaraunt job. I have been there over 5 years and have a bit of pull. I am sort of a manager (when it's convenient for them) and have major flexibility when it comes to my hours. But i dont serve that much anymore, so i am mostly working as a cashier making a whopping $7.50/hr at maybe 20 hours a week. that sucks. As a server i made at least twice that so it was still worth it. And things arent the same there as they used to be. The quality of alot of the staff has gone way downhill and the management has done little to make it better. Management alsois a little flighty when it comes to scheduling people, giving people crap about not being able to work certain weekend days when for 4-5 years before it was never a problem, not really exerting any authority or making employees actually accountable for work they skip out on. This has forced quite a few of some of our better workers to quit as well. (who had also been there since the beginning. i was part of the opening crew when this store opened way back in Feb '01).

The main reason i am seriously considering leaving is that my sister has possibly gotten me an interview at the hospital where she works as a phlebotomist. They will train me (so i dont have to take a semester long course in it). I am pretty confident i could do it. I met her boss, who gave me an application (while we were there with logan. when we were done, she took logan on a grand tour of the lab and the whole floor and gave him a million stickers. she's nice) and I filled it out and anna is coming over tomorrow morning before i go to work to teach me how to draw blood. She is letting me practice on her. What a great sister huh? Thank god tho, b/c i would be unbelievably nervous if my 1st stick was on an actual patient. ;) And they need someone part time. SO i am thinking that if they are willing to let me work part time-they really need help from about 4am-630am- My mom would have to babysit- but she would barely be getting up by the time i got home and even if i worked until 8am, logan doesnt get up til 8, 830am. So it could work. And i could always work more on the weekends like i do now while logan is at his daddy's AND it wouldnt interfere with my school.

Sounds good right? So why am i so friggin scared to give it a go? i sometimes think i am one of those people who is not afraid of failure, but of success. does that even make sense? I dunno.

Well, wish me luck on sticking my sister!!

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