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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

blood sucker

i have the coolest family ever. they let me draw their blood. how neat is that? (i have a sharps box and all the sterile stuff my sister gave me so we are being safe. ) both of them. joe wont let me do it with out anna around yet, but he is willing too. it will be nice, if i get the job, to have some confidence in my ability before i start on real patients. altho, i have had experienced phlebotomists mess up on me, so its just like everything else- people make mistakes. and luckily nothing really that bad can happen if i miss the vien or anything. you just brusie, thats all.

its funny. you tell people you want to draw blood for a living and you get one of two responses:

1. ewwwww
2. cool!

most of the number 1's follow that up with "i HATE needles!" but i always wonder: who (besides maybe a masochist) actually likes them? i dont exactly enjoy it, but it doesnt bother me. its not that bad really. it doesnt hurt- it only stings. whatever. i think its neat. blood and guts never really bothered me too much where i couldnt stand it.

well, i am off to stick my sister. yae. oh and my sister is turning in my application and talking to her boss tomorrow. wish me luck!

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