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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blogging Chicks carnival # 8

Its Sunday again & over at the Blogging Chicks we have another Carnival! It's all about our Favorites...Go on over and check it out. I actually entered a post for this one...Sorry if it is a repeat for any of you who do read my blog...

A note from the Blogging Chicks:
Please let your readers know this week that next Sunday's Carnival is open to all female bloggers, so if they've wanted to do a Carnival but didn't want to join the blogroll, this would be their chance. Please let them know that I do have one rule, if you participate, you have to link to the Carnival Sunday morning. That's the rule for this Carnival only, all participants must link to the Carnival. Also, please let them know that it's a theme Carnival, "Why I Love Blogging." "What I Love About Blogging"

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