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Friday, June 30, 2006

the weekend is here!

Thanks to all who wished Logan a happy birthday. he had one. And the rest of us had fun too. His actual birthday was just another day, altho he did get a few more treats than normal. I ordered him one of those Taggies for his present from me. i have wanted to get him one since he was a baby. He methodically has to "tag" all of his stuffed animals before he can go to sleep. Some of his more favorite stuffed animals have no tag left from being "tagged" so much.

Right now i am waiting for him to fall asleep for his nap so i can take one as well. I hate this time of day- i always get SO tired. Like the kind of tired when you dont know if you will actually make it up the stairs and down the hall and still be awake or vertical. It hits me most days around lunch time-ish. And if i nap or not, i still have trouble falling asleep at nite.

Oh- i think this joint pain/rheumatoid arthritis "flare-up" or whatever they call it is going away for now. I no longer spend the day in lots of pain. i wake up stiff and sometimes i have a joint or two that remains stiff for the day, but its been about a week since any real pain. I know one day it will come back, but for now i am happy. i am picking up some more shifts at work, and am going to start serving as soon as my boss switches me back to the server schedule. We'll see how long that takes.

Well my sister left for South Dakota with her husband and son this moring. (his family lives out there). I wonder how it was having a 9 month old on the plane for them. that is something i wouldnt want to deal with, thats for sure. You just never know with kids. And who wants to be that family that drove you crazy on the plane with the screaming kid?? i mean we all understand, but you dont want to be them. ;) I just hope Devin was good and was the envy of all other parents on the flight.

Well...nothing much going on here. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 1st week of summer vacation. Now i have to start making appointments to go talk to my advisor's and such out at the school. so time-consuming and so far away. but i want to graduate and they can help so i gotta go.

I saw Dr.G again. The 4th time i think. i have to say that i am not picking anywhere as much as i used to, but i am not sure what this guy is really doing for me at this point. i mean he IS giving me tactics to use to pay attention to when & why i pick and different "assignments" so i notice more about the times of the day and situations when its the worse. "behavior modification". SO thats good. Maybe thats all he can do. i am pretty aware of what the problems in my life are so its not like we need to discuss all that, altho he still wants to delve into my childhood while i dont feel like wasting that much time over it. i know what happened when i was kid and it was just fine. Nothing traumatic to cover. I am going back to see Dr.G in 2 weeks. i will ask him if he thinks i should keep coming or if he thinks we can cut it off for a while and see how i do. He's also not interested in treating the sleeping thing b/c of the pain thing keeping me up. even tho i would be up anyway with no pain. he says we need to take care of the pain part 1st and see what happens. argghh... anyway. thats all for now have a great weekend== i will be working. My weekend starts monday. byeeee

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