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Monday, June 05, 2006


Guess who fell asleep in their new bed without much fuss??? thats right-- Logan!!

My parents have a twin bed that we gave to logan to use instead of the old pack&play crib he's been using. They took the weekend while I was at work to empty all the non-kid stuff out of his room and rearrange it so he couldn't get into too much and last night we tried the bed. He wouldnt stay in it for anything. Pulling dresser drawers out, unplugging his light, shutting himself in the closet and getting stuck in there, etc. So he was put in the crib after about 45 minutes.

Tonite, i moved the light that was plugged in to a place he couldnt get to it, put the crib in front of the dresser so he couldnt pull the drawers out and put a blanket over the top of the closet door so he couldnt close it all the way. After a while i was beginning to think he wouldnt go to sleep, but turned out he had a messy diaper that needed changing and once that was done, he actually went right to sleep- In the bed! I am so proud of the little guy. there are still a few little changes that need to be made to his room to make it better for him (for when he is up and about in there without adult supervision) and make me feel like he is safe.

I have to admit, the one thing that scares me the most is the stairs in this house. My parents are not too keen on putting gates up on the actual stairs, as that means drilling holes into the wooden banister and wall. (those are the only kinds we can find. with the type of banister & rails, a pressure gate wont work)...So he has a short pressure gate in his doorway and when the door to his room is shut all the way- he has trouble opening it. But I still worry that he will find a way thru that gate and BAM- the stairs are right there. And he thinks he can walk up & down them fine...he refuses to sit and scooch on his butt and forget about going backwards--he wants to hold the rail and go down like we do. Its cute- but dangerous. SO thats my anxiety coming out, but i am sure i will get used to all this soon enough. At least i hope i do.

I am so excited-- i go to the doctor this week for my joint problems. Hopefully he can help me, at least temporarily with the pain. And maybe with the lack of sleep thing. I am sleeping so crappy that between 1 & 3 pm, i am so tired, i cant move. I had to leave class early today b/c i was dozing off during the video. I came home and logan was awake and i just laid on the couch, half dozing for about an hour. I even tried sitting up & i was still passing out. I am just so tired during the afternoon...argghh...

Well, thats all for now. While this semester is going, i will probably not have a whole lot to post about b/c i just have NO LIFE!!! so--

good nite!!

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