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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

playing hookie

Today i decided to play hookie and skip school. It was raining alot (due to T.S. Alberto) and all my joints were killing me today (both knees, one hip, my shoulder, both wrists...) I thought to myself...forget it..i am staying home. i had a nice day too. the way i look at is that i already have an A in the class and its not getting harder, so i should be fine. ;)

So this morning during the 1st break in the rain, my mom and I took logan and devin outside to play. Poor devin wants to walk so bad and play with logan, but he was confined to the stroller and had to watch logan splash and jump in the puddles. Logan had a blast. He stomped, kicked, slapped and sat in the puddles. And when we made him come inside, he was NOT a happy camper. The shirt he was wearing says it all: "I am not in my happy place".

More pics! yae. (I decided to do pics so i dont bore everyone with my complaining anymore. And my dad leaves his digital camera laying i can take pics whenever i want now. So awesome!)

Devin watching intently as logan splashed and played.

Logan checking things out at a new puddle

Logan pushing devin up the driveway...
we did have to step in and steer tho...since he cant see where he is giong

Its my Squishy!! SO happy!

Logan sort of posing for the camera.
...and there's devin!!

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