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Saturday, June 03, 2006

missing him

I miss logan.

This is going to be the 1st weekend he is away from me. He is at his daddy's until sunday. I will see him tomorrow when i go there to get more of my stuff, but I wont get to see him when he wakes up or put him to bed. I am trying to see the positive side, like i get to sleep in tomorrow. But i should have planned better, like having something to after work tonight and tomorrow nite. Oh well. I will get used to it i suppose. just sucks for now.

I got a call from a friend today. she was going thru it pretty bad. she just had her 2nd child a little bit ago and this 2nd experience has been so different for her in every aspect. i do think she is experiencing a bit of post-partum depression and i feel so bad for her b/c there isnt much i can do for her. I am here in support of course, but we live 3 hours apart, so its not like we can just drive over and keep each other company, and since i work on the weekends, i cant go there for a weekend, altho she is always welcome to come here and spend the weekend here, as there is my whole family who is home on the weekends. (she is close to my family as well ,since she lived with us for a while when we were younger). (and if you are reading this-- hang in there. you'll be ok. we love you). She said something to me tho that made me think. she asked me how i have been dealing with this for so long, b/c she has only been dealing with it for a few weeks and its already feeling like to much. I really had no answer for her. Maybe b/c i really didnt realize just how long it has been going on for me. I think it also didnt seem to be so bad b/c i would have so many good days inbetween the bad ones. But i do know that it does get better. eventually. especially if you seek help when you need it, which we both are.

Sorry if this post is a bit scattererbrained- i took a pain pill of my mom's b/c i just couldnt take the joint pain tonite and its making me a bit loopy in the brain. But i dont hurt so thats good. ;) so since i am feeling all funny and stuff, i think i will take advantage and go to sleep. Its always easier to fall asleep with a little "helP" so nite nite.

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