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Thursday, June 22, 2006

last day of school!

Tomorrow (well, i guess technically today- but i havent gone to bed yet, so it is still today) is my last day of school for the summer. i dont go back until the end of august and i am so excited. i have my final test tomorrow and then thats it. ;) woo-hooo. i am sure i will do good, but i am still a little anxious. my mom was teasing me while i was studying & making notecards...she's like "you know you have an A, why bother worrying or doing all that?"...i cant help it. Its like my reassurance in case i do badly that at least i studied and did what i could i guess.

in other news, Logan had a rough day today. He was cheerful and all that, and actually ate 3 meals today, but he couldnt catch a break as far as getting hurt. Poor kid. It all started this afternoon, shortly after he woke up from his nap. we were all in my mom's (grandma, grumpa, the dog, myself and logan) and we were playing. Logan would climb up on the bed, the dog would follow, then the dog would jump to the floor to be w/grumpa and logan would follow and then they would run around to the other side of the bed and repeat. well on one round, my dad tickled logan and logan sorta of flung himself away while attempting to run around the bed and instead tripped and face-planted right into the foot of the bed. which is a big wooden pole. I thought i saw blood, and there may have been a little on his lip, but mostly his nose just turned instantly red in a few spots and of course, lots of crying. Then later, we are downstairs with Auntie Kathleen and devin and while they were busy eating, i was trying to get logan to come to the bathroom with me. i am holding his hand and we are walking out of the room and he decides that suddenly his legs dont work and goes limp. i didnt see that in time and kept walking and basically dragged him just enough so that he fell forward and hit his head on the recliner. Jeez.

And thats not all. so later, he is playing in the patio (where he ALWAYS plays) and i look into the room just in time to see him topple backwards off the table he was sitting on. he hit mostly the cushions of the couch so he was more shaken than hurt, but still. What a clutzy day for him. there were other various bumbs and bruises thruout the night but those were the major ones. i feel so bad for him. just when the other burise on his forehead is healing (from where he took a nose dive on to the tile floor while playing with the dog) he goes and bumps it up more. And just in time for his bday party. i am sure it will look positively awesome by saturday. yae. See for yourself:
the 1st one is a close up. the very red stuff on his nose is what he did today on grandma's bed post. the bruises on his forehead are from the other day when he hit the tile while running around with the dog. He is so my kid. all my kid pics are of me with some injury to my face. ;)

d here's a cute one of him and his cousin watching blue's clues:

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