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Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy fathers day

i know i am late, but oh well. thats the story of my life lately it seems.

Today was father's day. My dad had huge plans for the family to go out on the boat and the jetski and have a picnic lunch by the river...alas, mothernature had other plans. it rained almost all day. (i was at work tho) instead we just hung out around the house. not all at once tho, but he got to see all of us. It was a nice day.

so here you go dad:

I have a great dad. Sure he is a pain in the ass and little quick tempered, but thats just who he is. I can say without any doubt that he loves me and my sisters and would do anything for us. (he let me and my kid move in--thats something). He tries so hard to give us advice and gets so frustrated when we decided to do it our way. He relishes the moments when we come and tell him later that he was right. I love the fact that my dad is a smart and very articulate man. IT can be frustrating during some of those "life lectures" but hey, he's just trying to help. He is a generous and loving man, who believes in family first. He taught me to be strong and speak my mind and stand up for what i think is right. He always has encouraged me to do well and tells me often how smart I am. He has always made me feel proud to have him as a dad, even though as a teenager, we drove eachother crazy. He loves his grandsons and cant wait to take them fishing and do all the "boy stuff" he didnt get to fully experience with his 3 girls. And the boys love their grumpa.

So, thanks dad. I love you.

grumpa & logan at the beach

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