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Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Logan!

Today is logan's birthday. He is 2 years old today. (well, as of 1156 pm he will be exactly 2 years). I cant believe that 2 years ago today i was in the delivery room, pushing that kid out for 2 whole hours (after 17 hours of labor before that)!! At this point 2years ago, i still had no idea what people really meant when they said you dont know love until you have a child. I didnt yet totally understand when people said they would die for their kids - sure i knew they would and why and i just couldnt empathize. Until i held his 7lb and 4 oz little body in my arms (with assistance b/c i was so weak). When i got to hold him with my own power a little later on, i just stared at him for the longest time. This was my little man. Mine. I made this little squirmy thing. This thing that moved and moved all the time inside me, keeping me up late at night and making sure i was aware of his presence at all times. If he stopped moving for more than 20 minutes, after the initial feeling of "ahh", i would freak out and poke my belly til he kicked me back. and then he wouldnt stop for many many hours and we would repeat the process all over again & again.

When we brought him home 3 days later i couldnt believe that he was my sole responsibility. (well his daddy's too). I was responsible for keeping us both alive now. When people would ask how we were doing as new parents i would tell them that "hey- we're both alive right?" and expect them to know what that meant. The people with kids usually got it, but the people with out were usually like, "ya, so how is it tho?". I had no real answer for them. All i felt was an overwhelming sense of love and awe for this little creature.

As time went on and he developed his own personality, i loved him more and more everyday. he was (and is) a very independant & determined little dude. He was always so happy & friendly too. Still is. Logan has such a good tempermant. He loves his family and really tries to include his cousin in his play. he loves the cats and the dog. (not sure how much the cats love him back, but..they tolerate him laying next to and ontop of them while he gives them kisses. which leave him with a mouth full of fur, but he doesnt mind.)...He loves to give big hugs and kisses and headbutts. (we do gentle headbutts as a sign of affection around here. it consists of just basically touching foreheads and saying "headbutt!!" yes- i know we are strange.)

He is so inquisitive and energetic in his play. He is the reason i am in shape thats for sure. following him around gets quite tiring. Especially when we go outside. The 90 degrees and 100% humidity dont phase him like they do me. this kid would play outside all day long if he could. he would probably nap out there too. But i have to be a mean mommy sometimes and drag him back in so i dont melt. But he gets over it quickly and is quickly pulling me off to some room to either read books, play with some toy or watch tv with him.

I could go on and on about all the small things, but that would never end probably so i will just say that having my son has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I cherish every moment i spend with him and smile whenever i think about him. My kid is my world and i like it that way. I love you logan. dont grow up too fast. these 2 years seem like a blink. happy birthday bub.

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