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Monday, June 19, 2006

Getting ready to party!!!

Logan's about to turn 2. As in next monday. Geez-- where did the time go?? It seems like only yesterday...

...that i first felt him move inside me.
...that i would wish that he would stop moving inside me just long enough for me to go to sleep, and then freak out if he stopped for more than 10 minutes
...that i went into labor...for 19 hours and was almost too weak to hold him that 1st time. (The nurse actually had to help me support him.)
...that i watched joe change logan's first diaper in the hospital.
...that we brought him home.
...that he smiled at me
...that he would cover his eyes whenever he ate
...that he would play in his walker and ram all of our kneecaps and smoosh our bare toes (altho- we are getting a replay of this with my nephew...)
...that he first crawled (well sorta. it was like a zombie crawl. he mostly rolled to where he wanted to be)
...that he walked..and then ran..and then climbed...
...that he learned to give me a high-five
...that he said "mom"
...that he said "dad"
...that he said "cat" (pronounced caaaaaaaattttt)
...that he gave me his 1st kiss
...that he started sleeping in a big boy bed
...that he...

Oh my, there are so many things to remember. How he sometimes laughs in his sleep or is learning to say "uh-uh" and shake his head no and actually mean it now. He is developing into such a bold, determined but so sweet and loving little boy right before my eyes and i just cant believe it. He's so big. And of course, so damn adorable. i have got to have the best looking kid around. (hey- a mom can brag). I love him more than anything and more than i ever thought possible. And more each day. I know sometimes that love feeds my anxiety and i keep myself up at nights worrying about him, but i can rid myself of any negative thoughts by just picturing him smiling or laughing or giving me a kiss...I instantly smile and am happy. My son is my joy. And its almost his birthday.

And that means I have a party to plan...what do you do with a bunch of 2-4 year olds anyway? I am gonna have a kiddie pool, some balls, sidewalk chalk, a sandbox and really lame slide/swing set-- so they will play, then i will pump them full of food and then cake and then send them all home because it will be nap time. Sound good to you? Thats my plan so far. Wish us luck..its going down this saturday morning.

Well, got to get some rest...The nephew is coming early tomorrow and i have school and our final is this week. yae. Busy busy busy. --nite nite--

This is logan's self portrait...he got a hold of the camera. ;)

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