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Friday, June 16, 2006

driving me nuts

My son is driving me nuts today. He is refusing to go to sleep for his nap. And i know he's tired. He's whiny and his eyes are red and he cant stop rubbing them, but he will not stay in bed. No matter what i try, he gets right up and starts playing. And not quietly, but by either emptying his drawers and refilling them, or by getting every single book he owns and putting them in his bed, or by climbing into his toyboxes. (which are just plastic storage bins). Bedtime isnt so much a problem, but nap time in the big bed is a major hassle. We were putting him in the crib for naps, but he has been climbing out, so we had to stop. But I am half tempted to put him in there now anyway. I dont know what to do to keep him in bed. if he doesnt take a nap, he is a very very cranky and unpleasant child to be around. argghh,

**a little bit later...***

well, i finally decided to try the crib again. He decided he was going to start tossing his toys out his bedroom door. And if he throws them hard enough they go thru the banister and land downstairs. I know have a debris-field of toys downstairs to pick up. I already took his 2 toy-bins out of his room before... If he doesnt climb out and actually gives in to his tired-ness he will be out in a few minutes, i know he's tired enough. And once he falls asleep i can do my chores around here. I was hoping to get a nap my self, but that was when i put him down over an hour ago. Now i have to clean & vacuum my room, vacuum his play room, clean my bathroom and spread fire ant killer in the yard so the ants are dead by his party next weekend.
Well, time for me to try and get started. i hope he sleeps. **sigh**

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