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Thursday, May 11, 2006

trial run

Well, this is my second "trial" sleepover at my mom's. Actually, my dad is out of town and my mother gets a little antsy after a few days all alone in the house. So logan & i packed it up & are sleeping over.

It's my mom's day to babysit tomorrow (thurs) but since i will be here, i have been suckered into helping. Oh joy. Oh well. My sister helped me move some boxes upstairs today, so...

Yep- i started the move-in process. Just one pick-up truck full of boxes. mostly books off the bookshelves, but some other crap too. I think next i will box up most of my clothes and bring them over. I still have to get a storage unit for the rest of the stuff.

I finally made an appointment with a psychologist in my town. I go on May 30. its sort of expensive. so my dad is helping me pay for it. ( he will probably pay all of it, but i only asked him to help, but that's the sort of guy he is). Hopefully this guy can help me. i did specifically ask if he deals with anxiety &/or OCD problems and his office said he does handle those sorts of cases, so hopefully i wont run into the same problems i did at the counseling center at my school. I really cant wait to get this whole process going. i want to stop messing up my body. i look like hell and i hate it.

Oh- and i am still very very sore. My right arm has completely stopped hurting and my right hip is feeling much better, but my left arm is super duper sore. All the was from my shoulder blade in the back, down to my forearm. WTF?? Really...this just needs to go away. I soaked in a hot bath tonite for about 30 minutes. I think i may cash in my massage gift certificate this week and see if that helps. There is no way i can carry trays and work like this. its just not gonna happen. and i really dont want to lose out on any money. maybe i will just eat it and take my self down to the walk-in clinic and pay too much $$ (no insurance) and wait about 3 hours to be seen (thats with an appointment). Major suckage. But if they can help...

Well, thats it for now. Sorry my posts are so all over the place. Maybe once i move here and my brain isnt so all over the place, i can get back on track and actually post crap thats interesting. Hopefully. Well, good nite.

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