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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

still sore

Well, today is better than the last few have been. i am only a bit sore now (altho i am sore everywhere). So maybe whatever i did to myself is getting better now. We'll see.

My mom is supposed to be coming over soon to help me start going thru some of my stuff and packing other stuff up. I need someone to help me go thru things. I need the motivational kick in the butt to get rid of stuff. I used to be a major pack rat, but i have gotten better over the years. I dont think there will be too much to get rid of this time, but we'll see.

Well, first i need to go straighten Logan's room out. He decided to completely empty his dresser out last nite instead of laying in bed. And now he is taking all the books off the shelf. Must go attend to child. (the newphew is napping!! yae)

Have a happy Hump day!!

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