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Friday, May 19, 2006

results...sort of

well, i think i may indeed have rheumatoid arthritis. i havent gone back to the doctor yet, but a little birdie saw my results and the rf factor test was positive. but it still needs to be looked at by an actual doctor. so...what that means for me at this point i am not sure really. i do think it will be easier at least knowing why i hurt. not knowing seems to make it worse in a way, b/c then i am stressing out over "what is wrong with me??!!"... now i know. (sort of)

nothing much new going on, still slowly moving into the parents house. probably gonna do alot this weekend to try and get a lot moved in. i just want to be done and have a set place to stay. i have been floating back and forth between houses and its stressful. i keep forgetting things. like my toothbrush at my moms and my birth control pills at my house. sooo...

so tonite my sisters, my mom and our kids went to the Art Walk in downtown. it was small (like our town) but nice. there are some nice & talented artists around here. i saw some really beautiful paintings & sculptures. and the kids were so well behaved. logan ate cookies from all the galleries and we stopped in a little restaurant and had snacks there and now he is in bed. we really wore him out looking at art.

not much to say really. sorry so boring lately.

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