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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

movin' on in

hey there. i havent been able to post so much lately because my computer has been locked up in my closet while i paint my room at my parent's house. Mom & I finished it today & it looks great. Now all i have to do is get the rest of my stuff. Which wouldnt be so bad if i could move most of it by myself. But since this whole "arthritis" crap started, i can be pretty useless at times. Like tonight for instance. Joe and I are sitting on the couch downstairs and i try to grab the pillow with my left hand, and i cant even pick up a freaking pillow!!!

Lemme tell you-- my wrist hurts really bad right now and i cant even type with it. And what sucks is i have no idea what will be hurting this bad tomorrow. could be the same wrist, or it could migrate to my shoulders again or down to my hips or knees. I absolutely hate not being able to do things too. I am the tough little girl who has always managed to be strong enough to not need help carrying or lifting things and now i can hardly open a thing of milk. what is happening to me?! I kow you are done hearing about this, so...moving on...

Tomorrow i go to the shrink for my 1st visit. hopefully the guys cool and i dont have to keep looking for someone. I am excited.

Tonight..Logan had been asleep for a while, when out of nowhere, over the monitor, Joe and i hear giggles. I run upstairs to peek and sure enough- he's laughing in his sleep. so sweet. what a great way to end the night.

Good nite.

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