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Monday, May 08, 2006

mother's day is coming...

...And i already got my cards and presents for my mom. I still have to get something for Joe's mom, but i will probably only get a card for her and let him worry about the present this year. I thought i would do a post about my mom in celebration of the day for her. I know i am a mom and i will reflect on that in another post.

My mom and I get along really well. And we always have. I suppose i am lucky in that respect because i know so many people who dont even speak with their moms. I see mine many times a week and i am about to move back in with her.

The reason i think my mom & I get along so well now is because she never stopped being my mom. She never tried to be my friend or be cool. We both liked the idea of her being my mother first and friend second. And we can talk about everything, altho we have a few things we dont discuss out of courtesy and for that need to not cross over into the 'just friends' category. (such as our sex lives for example).

My mom has always treated me as mature person able to think for myself. She instilled values and morals in me. She encouraged me to stand up for what i think is right and to speak my mind. I am sure that when i was 16 and standing up to her and her rules because i thought i was right, she probably didnt think teaching me that was such a good idea. Yet she still encouraged me.

My mom always has told me that I am a smart, beautiful and capable woman. I think the best compliment my mom ever gave me was the day she told me that i was a good mother to my own son and how happy that made her. (not that she doubted me, i was just never a kid person) I think that i am good mother because i have a good mother to model myself after.

So mom, here's to you. Thank you for being there for me, for listening to me and for all the other little things you do like babysitting and running errands with/for me. I love you and I appreciate you.

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