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Monday, May 22, 2006

monday nite

Well, i am supposed to be studying for the test i have on thursday (over 6 chapters!!) but i got bored making my little notecards and besides, the hand i write with is kinda hurting tonite, so i am done with it for the day.

I am almost all moved in here at my parents. I have all my clothes. And some of my stuff. But no furniture. I am getting my dresser tomorrow. Hopefully next weekend i will get everything else. Its been a little weird staying here, but it is starting to feel a little more normal . I guess. Joe and I havent completely started the trading off of the boy, but we have done it a few times. It is weird to sleep in the house without logan around. Just strange. And i am sure the 1st saturday that he's not here at all will be really strange. But i will get used to it i am sure. i will just have to keep myself busy at first while i adjust.

No new news right now about anything else going on. Joe and i are still in limbo, my joints still hurt. Altho, i did get an application for health insurance thru the university that i just filled out and paid the premium for. (you have to pay it all at once, thank god for dad's with big check books!!) So hopefully i will have insurance soon (barring some weird reason i dont get it) and then i can go to the doctor for all this crap and it wont cost me out the nose for it. I shouldnt have to worry about "preexisting" conditions b/c i havent actually been diagnosed by a doctor yet, nor have I had any treatments, so this should all be covered. the only pain in the ass part is that i have to go to the clinic on campus which is about an hour from here, but they can refer me to a doctor in their network closer to home. Or outside the network, which i know costs more, but not as much as without insurance. So this is good. And the price wasnt that bad. It comes out to a little less than $100 a month. (for the school year. and i have to be a current student - which i am).

Well, i am going to go and catch up on all my blog-reading...i have been slacking lately. Sorry..!!

nitey nite.

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