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Thursday, May 18, 2006

late nite

Well, i havent been very active lately. School started this week and i have been staying at my parent's house. Its been easier than packing us up every morning since she babysits while i am at school. Plus, i have been in a lot of pain in my joints. Especially my shoulders. Yesterday it was both of them- and it hurt real bad. today- still achey- but not horrible. My finger hurts pretty bad, but i can handle that. its not as limiting as having both shoulders all messed up. So far only 3 of the 4 blood tests are back, and they all seem to be normal, but we are still waiting on the RF (rhuematoid factor) to come back. I hope its negative, but then that will still leave the question of what is wrong with me...

Well, it is time to go to bed. I was hoping to watch both my shows tonite, but my parents cable box seems to be on the fritz. It froze while i was watching lost and i had to reboot it twice and finally got to see the end, and then while i was watching Invasion- it did it again. I rebooted it a couple of times, and it still wouldnt work, so i guess i will try tomorrow, or just watch it at my house. *if it recorded there---i hope it did!!** Anywho--

Thats all for now. I probably wont be posting until friday b/c school and work & babysitting are taking all my time up this week. So g'nite!!

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