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Friday, May 12, 2006

Joint pain

This whole joint pain thing is getting old real fast. It keeps switching from shoulder to shoulder, to my hips, and currently my right knee. I finally took myself to the doctor today. I dont have insurance so i was putting this off if i could. But i called out of work again today & i would all weekend, but i am afraid of getting in trouble since there is no one willing to cover my shifts. (with mother's day and all its impossible)...

So, my doctor today did some x-rays which revealed nothing at all. But she is having me go get some blood work done. One thing she is looking for is to see if I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Aren't i too young for that?? Thats what i thought, but apparently onset is anywhere between the ages of 20-50 & more common in women and in women the year or so after being pregnant, it pops up more frequently as well. Interesting. The main reason she is looking into that is because of the symmetry of my pain & the fact that its traveling & its way worse in the mornings. (i have been waking up at 6 & 7 am!! because of the pain. And i am NOT a morning person. i dont usually wake up til at least 9 and thats only b/c my son is up) Plus my dad has it and my mom has lupus. (which is the same sort of disease: auto-immune). So there could be some heredity involved i guess. So, monday i go to the hospital, try to qualify for their financial assistance and get some blood drawn by my sister. (she's a phlebotomist there). Fun stuff. In the meantime: nothing for the pain besides what i have been taking (motrin/aleve) which hasnt really helped much at all.

Maybe its sorta in my head too. since i dont know why i hurt, i am probably stressing over it and making it worse. Hopefully once i find out what it is (or it goes away) I can better deal with it. I better figure something out by tomorrow nite b/c i absolutely must go to work. I just cant afford not to. I need the money & i need to keep my job. So...

So thats whats been up with me lately. Just lounging around being sore. Been spending alot of time at my parents house. Moved some things over there this week too. Been fighting with Logan over staying in his bed at night. Tonight he decided to MOVE his dresser, his shelves & the playpen thats in there. Then he decided to climb the shelves and fell. So i just finished taking those & everything on them out of his room & sorta rearranged so if he does decided to climb other furniture he is as far away from the window as possible. That kid is wearing me out!! He just goes & goes & goes. He's like the damn energizer bunny. And i can call outta work, but i can't call out of being momma!! Well, hopefully he nods off soon so i can too. I just cant go to sleep worrying if he's climbing everything...And i am tired, so good nite!!

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