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Thursday, May 25, 2006

i've been busy

I feel like i am just going & going & going & going...

Tomorrow is my first exam in my summer class and i am a little nervous. Only becuase i dont know how her tests are like. I think i will do alright, altho i usually like to make myself little flash cards to study with, my hands have hurt so much, i havent been able to write that much.

Today was a busy day, my mom and went shopping for my dad's bday present and we had to go to 3 different stores until we found it. I wont say what it is for the off chance he might actually read this. he's not even supposed to know we went shopping...

While we were out, we decided to run thru a carwash. Now, logan has been thru one before with me in my car. One of those ones with the big spinning thing and the flappy things that beat the crap off your car...and he was fine. But this time we went in my parent's truck in a touch-less one. The kind that spray water so hard at your vehicle it shakes. Logan started to get visibly upset, so i crawled in the backseat to try and make him feel a little safer. Of course, my mom had selected the "ultimate" wash which really only meant it would last FOREVER! Poor kid was terrified. Wasnt crying really, just freaked the fuck out. He reached over his seat and practically pulled me into his carseat with him. So there i am, all hunched over his chair, with him holding on to me for dear life, and i am trying to get my arms around him and everytime the loud sprayer thingy went over (god it was like 10 times at least) he would bury his head in my shoulder and breathe real heavy. I had to sit back there with him for the rest of the ride to store # 2. After that he was ok. we went to store #3 and then to dinner and there he had a blast. Trying to get the family next to us to notice him. humming, dancing in his chair and get this: actually eating his food. From his plate that he didnt dump out on the table and drinking from the cup they provided without pulling the lid off and puring the contents all over himself and the table. which was good b/c i didnt plan on us being gone so long and didnt bring the usual bag which has a change of clothes and his no-spill sports cup. We came home, he played, auntie kathleen gave him a bath and he went right to sleep like a little angel. I watched Lost (OMG i love this show and cant believe i have to wait like FOREVER to see what comes next!!) And then i studied and now i am here. J

ust filling you in on some of my day. No updates yet on the joint problems, other than it is still traveling and i have good days and really bad days. today is a BAD day. Both wrists. Especially the left, with wierd electrical-feeling tinges of pain in my wrist and hand. Hard to explain the way the twinges of pain feel, but they are wierd and they do hurt. And a little tingling/numbness in the hands/fingers as well. Oh well. hopefully better by tomorrow as i have to work. As a server. with my hands. Just awesome huh?

Well, i need to try and get some rest. Logan's been gettting up before 8 this week (today was 7!!) so...Nighty nite

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