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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Goodness. I am sore. I shouldnt be, but i am. It all started on way back on Thursday. I noticed my left shoulder was a little sore. It got a little worse each day until Saturday night, when it hurt pretty bad and i was having trouble carrying trays at work with barely 2 glasses on them. So i gave away my shift for sunday morning b/c of the pain. Well Sunday morning i woke up at 6am because of the pain and finally went to sleep around 8 after taking a muscle relaxer. joe let me sleep in til 1130. It was nice. By sunday nite my shoulder was still a little sore, but definitely getting better. Monday--at my mom's and now my right shoulder is starting to hurt. What is going on? after some fun on the swing outside and almost falling off it with my son and my sister, my right shoulder is in some major pain and my left is barely bothering me. So now i am thinking maybe i hurt them at the same time and just didnt notice my right b/c my left hurt really really bad. Maybe. THen i wake up this morning and my right shoulder is very sore, my left shoulder has barely any soreness left and i have a new ache: My right hip is killing me. This is not in my head. My neck is sore too, but i am pretty sure that is just from the way i slept. So anyway...what in the world is going on with my body??

What could make my joints and stuff all hurt around the same time?? I still have no idea, but if my left hip starts to hurt at some point, or some other joint starts aching, i will take myself to the doctor. this just isnt normal. Of course, nothing in my life ever is.

Ohh---good news: I got a grant from the state of Florida i didnt even know about. I received $450 yesterday from it. For this past semester. I had no idea it was even coming, plus i am still supposed to get my money for the federal pell grant. Yae. But $450!!! thats awesome!! Yippee!! granted, i will spend it on books and gas but at least i have it to spend!!

Anyway, i am going to try and take care of my son & my nephew while i am a cripple. This is not easy. I can barely pick either of them up or anything, plus i am unbelievably tired when i shouldnt be. i am having trouble keeping my eyes open to type this. what is with today??? jeez.

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