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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Earthday Birthday RULED!!

Earthday birthday Lucky 13 was this past Sunday and it was great. Some of the bands i got to see included: Lacuna Coil, Trapt, Shinedown, Staind, Rob Zombie, & Mudvayne. (there were more, but i am too tired to remember them all). The show was awesome and oh my god- alot of people. the gates opened around 10 i think , but we didnt show up until around 2. And we didnt get home until 130 am. Long day. I went with my sister (anna) & joe. Anna and I ditched Joe before Staind went on and we managed to make our way just about to the front of the crowd. That was intense. More intense than mudvayne ended up being , but maybe because staind was earlier in the day and people werent as tired and drunk maybe , i dunno, but the crowd for staind was very intense and we were (and are) very sore for the experience. Mosh pit behind us pushing everyone into each other (so much so that at one point a huge part of the front crowd fell over in a sort of wave, and then almost as quickly, we were pulled up and pulling our neighbors up, in the same sort of wave looking motion), crowd surfers coming overhead constantly (one of which landed on me and i caught him by his ass on my shoulder and actaully supported much of his weight for a good 2-3 seconds before anyone could help me get him back up and neck hurts now) all together equaled a very intense but very fun experience. I had done this before by myself (no guy to "protect" me) but my sister had not. She got a little nervous for a bit, but ended up enjoying herself. We did sit out the next band, (rob zombie) b/c we were tired and we knew that would be too dangerous for us short little girls to be a part of. We ventured back out for mudvayne, cautiously, but that turned out fine as well. The crowd wasn't as packed and we werent near any assholes and man!! They frigging rock. I have seen them twice before this and they are just so awesome. So much energy. In fact, every band was great. Usually there is always one that just isnt so good live, but i thought they were all great shows this year.

Oh ya, and lots of boobah's getting painted. I got pictures. So here you go. Boobahs and all. (no i didnt get mine done. )

Me and anna just hanging!

Some chick and dude... cool art i guess

a pic of the crowd. If you click the picture and see it big, you
can see everyone's lighters and open cell phones.
Pretty cool shot.
I would never have been able to take this-
it comes in handy having a boyfriend who is 6'8!!

Anna on Joe's shoulders during one of the bands

Another chick!!

that was a fun day.

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