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Thursday, May 04, 2006

at my mom's

tonight, for some reason, i decided to stay over at my parent's house. I came over for dinner because joe wasnt coming home after work, again. And they were making steaks, and i am a sucker for red meat. So i packed us up and brought along some extra stuff for logan and myself. After dinner and playing around for a while, I started watching House. (there was a special continuation of last nites episode) and then Lost came on and then Invasion. so between House and Lost i gave logan a bath and he was so tired, i put him to bed. He fell asleep very quickly & quietly. So i decided we would just spend the nite. So here i am, its a little after midnite and i am still up, sitting downstairs in the den watching the food network on low volume. (my mom had it on after she caught up on Boston Legal).

Its like my little preview of living here. I guess its not going to be that bad, but still it is going to take a bit of getting used to my parent's living habits again. I have been away from it for so long and doing my own thing, it will probably lead to some tense evenings and i am sure attitudes will fly. I get my headstrong attitude from my dad. So that means he is more headstrong than me since i only have half his genes, right? ;) Well, thats my take on it anyway. So we tend to butt heads sometimes, but up to now, i can just go home when he bugs me. Now i will only have my room to retreat to. oh well. Not much i can do right now to change that. This is the decision i have made and the benefits far outweigh the cons.

so now that i can actally see the end in sight for my school, my dad is trying to convince me to go for my masters once i get my bachelors. And at first i just thought he was insane. But i have been looking at some of the programs offered at UCF (where i am currently a student) and i have been actually considering it. It would definitely enable me to get a degree in something a little more specific and would make me worth more money to a company. Plus it would be cool t be able to say i have my masters. I havent made any decisions, i am only mulling the idea around in my head. Its a fun thought at least.

So this separation is sneaking up on me pretty quickly. i guess i have been mostly dealing with it in a logical way and the emotional side of it is starting to creep up on me. And i think it sucks. So there you have it. I really have nothing else to say about it all for now.

All i can smell right now is that fire that is burning a little south of here. In port St. John (brevard county, FL) about 5300 acres have already burned and its still going with no end in sight. And they suspect arson. Thats just great. What makes someone decide to do something like that? I dunno, but it certainly sucks. it does have us worried because it could come up this way and threaten us (at my moms) as well. So we have the news on and off all day long. Hopefully they get this beast of a fire under control sometime soon.

Well, thats all for now, catch ya'll tomorrow.

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